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Volunteer Spotlight: Annual Fund Parent Grade Representatives Keren and Guy Weltsch P'28,'31

Keren and Guy Weltsch have been HM parents since 2013. From the start, the family was attracted to Horace Mann because of, according to the couple, “the school values, the accomplished faculty and dedicated staff, the tradition, the academics, the caring community, the superb facilities, and the people we met while going through the process.” In addition to the campus setting, the Weltschs were drawn to HM because of the array of academic and co-curricular offerings at the school; “We liked the idea that even though our kids were only in the Nursery Division 3s when they started, they would, later on, be able to find their passion, whether in the classrooms and labs, on stage, in clubs, in the art studios, on the athletic fields, or in the pool. We felt the wide range of programs would give our kids a special journey.” The couple also appreciates family events like Homecoming and Kite Flying Day. However, what is most gratifying for these parents is to see their boys “go to school in the morning with a smile and come back excited about their day.”

The family’s values have shaped Keren’s and Guy’s desire to be active participants in the life of the school and give back. “We moved to the U.S. from Israel and the U.K. to pursue personal and professional growth, always striving for improvement. We believe that these go hand-in-hand with responsibility, community involvement and making a positive impact.” In addition to serving as Parent Grade Reps for the Annual Fund for the past six years, Keren and Guy are involved in various initiatives in and outside of the school. They have volunteered at the book fair and carnival, have co-chaired the coffee hour committee, given classroom presentations, chaperoned field trips, and involved their children in the many philanthropic drives organized and supported by the school. At Horace Mann, they have been delighted to find a balance between individual achievement and a vibrant, diverse, and caring community. “When we see the work, thought, care, and dedication that the kids, fellow families, faculty, and staff invest into the day-to-day, it inspires us to do our part and support the school. And when it comes to giving, the adage about the importance of participation is true—every gift makes an impact and directly benefits our kids’ experience.”

The significance of community involvement extends to the advice Keren and Guy offer to those new to HM or those looking to become more involved in the school. “Find a way to participate–it can be through volunteering, making a gift or, even better, both. Find the right activity, committee or event that excites you and go for it! As parents, there is always a learning curve and we all have questions. Connecting with and getting support from the community makes a big difference. Whether you reach out to fellow parents, faculty, staff, or the administration, it is nice to know you have a cohesive network around you to strengthen and enhance your experience.”

(Article appeared in the 2019 Donor Newsletter)