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Volunteer Spotlight


Ken joined the Horace Mann School Nursery Division in 2014 to lead the division’s Physical Education department. After graduating from Pace University with a degree in Communications, Ken enjoyed a successful career at NBC, where he assisted Saturday Night Live writers, cast members, and producers. Although he clearly had a knack for writing comedic skits, Ken changed his career trajectory by deciding to coach lacrosse at his high school alma mater, Mahopac High School. “I joined the lacrosse team as an assistant and I began to get involved in other programs, too.” From lacrosse and football to soccer, Ken developed a passion for teaching and inspiring children and decided to return to school to get his Master’s Degree in Physical Education.

Ken’s talents as a coach and teacher, as well as his experience in the entertainment field, have enabled him to deliver a unique physical educational opportunity for his students in the Nursery Division. As a “Movement Specialist,” Ken centers each unit on gross motor development, agility, and balance, and always approaches these core principles through a creative lens. Whether it is personifying his dance-inducing “DJ Squizzle” character or utilizing green screens during virtual cardio instruction, Ken ensures that each class contains whimsy and laughter.

“I’m continually trying to expand the curriculum, so we’ve added things like meditation, tai chi, and visualization exercises that teach mindfulness.” As the weather gets warmer this spring, Ken aims to get students outside as much as possible. “I’d like to focus on getting to Central Park more, climbing trees, and having the kids lead their own initiatives in exploring the outdoors.”

Ken emphasized that he feels empowered to pursue creative avenues when it comes to enhancing the Nursery Division’s Physical Education curriculum and compelled to give back to the community that supports his teaching style. “HM feels like family, and the flexibility and sense of trust within the community allow me to develop an amazing experience for the children. In turn, I’m happy to contribute to the efforts that care for our community.”

Ken, a loyal donor, serves as a volunteer for the Faculty, Staff, and Administration Annual Fund Committee. We are grateful to him for his commitment and for developing an exceptional Physical Education curriculum, which has delighted and inspired many Horace Mann students.