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Volunteer Spotlight:
Alumni Class Agents Amy Gold '98 and Abigail Gold Geller '02

Abigail Gold Geller '02 and Amy Gold '98

Amy Gold ’98 and Abigail (Abby) Gold Geller ’02 have been active Alumni Class Agents volunteers for the Classes of 1998 and 2002, respectively, and loyal donors since graduating from Horace Mann School. Amy also serves as a member of the HM Alumni Council. This past fall, Abby Celebrated her 15th reunion while Amy's 20th is coming up this year.

Regardless of reunion schedules, the sisters keep in touch with many HMers and get together with classmates and their families often. "It's always exciting to hear what old friends have been up to, both personally and professionally. And now, it's especially exciting to see classmates have children attending HM!" remarked Abby.

Both Amy and Abby feel that Horace Mann is a special place that helped to shape them into the adults they are today. The sisters credit HM with preparing them for college and beyond by teaching them how to think critically and analytically, and how to juggle busy schedules. After HM, Abby attended Duke University and now is a Managing Director at BlackRock, the investment-management company. She pointed to HM’s strong focus on writing skills as still serving her well in her professional life. Amy fondly recalled being mentored by a former Upper Division Dean of Students and guided by advisors during the college process. Both sisters enjoy keeping in touch with members of the faculty and staff, particularly Upper Division Science teacher and current Dean of Students Dr. Susan Delanty ’79, and express gratitude for the opportunity to remain involved.

While a student, Abby played tennis, was appointed lead Student Ambassador, and served as Editor of “The Lion’s Den,” the athletics section of The Horace Mann Record. Amy played softball and served as Advertising Editor of The Mannikin. Because of Amy’s experience at The Mannikin, she later supported the business operations of The Daily Princetonian in college. And her penchant for team sports is also a basis for her current role as Litigation Counsel at Major League Baseball (MLB).

When asked what advice she had for current students, Amy encourages that they work hard but also try to maintain a grounded perspective and resist the temptation to take little things too seriously.” Enjoy being with your classmates and embrace everything HM has to offer,” she recommended. Abby encouraged students to make the most of their time at HM. “Whether you’re there for the duration of N-12 or just for Upper Division, the time goes by really fast. There’s so much opportunity for engagement. Take an art class if you’re a science person, and get involved with theater if you’re an athlete. It’s a shame if you’re not able to expand your horizons.”

Regarding advice for fellow alumni, Amy urged others to stay up-to-date with events and the progress of the School. Abby noted that it’s “not just about dollars and cents,” and stressed the importance of getting involved and giving time and expertise. “Students appreciate guidance and would enjoy hearing about your life path and where and why you matriculated to the college you chose. HM has always supported a long-term commitment to community service, and we were always encouraged to get involved. Why not make our alma mater the area that you choose to lend a hand?”

(Article appeared in the spring 2018 Donor Newsletter)