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HM Online, March 31st through April 17th. School reopens April 20th.

About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the School's yearly campaign to raise funds in support of the daily operating budget. All independent schools are faced with this same need - to make up the difference between costs and tuition. Contributions help to close this gap that exists between tuition and the actual cost of a Horace Mann education. The Annual Fund touches all aspects of the School as it represents 8% of the overall operating budget. The caliber of the HM experience greatly depends on the resources available to the School. The size and flexibility of the Annual Fund ensures that there are adequate resources every year to enhance and sustain Horace Mann's distinctive margin of excellence.

Gifts to the Annual Fund are restricted to:

  • Enhancing the breadth and depth of the academic and co-curricular programming that have always been hallmarks of a Horace Mann education.
  • Attracting and retaining the finest faculty and staff while maintaining low student/teacher ratios.
  • Augmenting financial aid to secure a socioeconomically diverse student body.
  • Sustaining the operation and maintenance of the school’s four campuses.

Through the Annual Fund, programs are strengthened and faculty and staff are provided with the tools necessary for students to learn at the highest level both inside and outside of the classrooms. Financial aid is enhanced and more solidly embedded as a core strategic element of our commitment to academic excellence, opportunity creation and leadership development.

It is our hope and expectation that all members of our community will share this responsibility and choose to support Horace Mann School at whatever level they are comfortable.

To make a donation to the Annual Fund, click here