Spotlight on Admissions

A Message from Dr. Kelly

Horace Mann is with me every day. The quality of the education I received helps me tackle problems and think creatively as a lawyer. Maybe even more importantly, I made my best friends at HM, and rarely does a day go by when I don't speak to a friend from school.

                                                                                --Justin `95  



Dear Friends:    





It is an honor to welcome your child and your family to Horace Mann School. We deeply appreciate the journey you and your child have begun in participating in our application process. We now invite you to continue that journey through the upcoming years of enhanced education and exhilarating student life that accompany acceptance to Horace Mann.



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Horace Mann Glee Club


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John Dorr Nature Laboratory

My entire experience at Senior Dorr can really be summed up by the last half an hour of our time there. We were all gathered around a circle, students with different friends, experiences, and memories of HM, to discuss our favorite memory of our final weekend as highschool students. As we went around, each person named a favorite obstacle, activity, and game from our weekend at Dorr. With each memory, I remember a remarkable domino effect of tears building. Each story seemed to take down one more of us, leaving us sobbing and laughing through our runny noses. It was the cliche moment one would expect at graduation, but for many of us, it was one that we would only experience in those final moments of Dorr. To be honest, I'm happier it happened that way.

                                                                       -- Sejal '08     



The warm welcome your child and family receives today from Horace Mann School also means a hearty welcome to the John Dorr Nature Laboratory, and to “Dorr” experiences that are integral to our curriculum and school culture. Horace Mann’s Dorr campus is a particular source of pride for our School. 



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Programs & Activities





Upper Division

Because at Horace Mann we are not just taught and lectured at, but we are taught to teach ourselves so that later in life when we are faced with an obstacle we can decipher a method of overcoming that obstacle at the moment we are confronted by it. There is a saying; give a man a fish is to feed him for a day, to teach a man to fish is to feed him for life. At Horace Mann we are taught how to fish.

                                                                       --Keane ‘10  


Welcome and congratulations to the Families of Admitted Ninth-Graders. We’re glad you’ve applied; we’re delighted to accept you; we hope you’ll come. As you may know, our School has a long, distinguished history. 




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Student Publications

Middle Division

I chose to attend Horace Mann because it is a very welcoming and dynamic community. As soon as I arrived at school for my first day of 7th grade, people were incredibly kind and welcoming. I immediately felt right at home. I was also drawn to the intellectual energy and excitement at Horace Mann both inside the classroom and out. There are so many great activities to be involved in. 



                                                                 --Alexander ‘13   




Wy Should You Choose Horace Mann for Your Student’s Middle Division Years? First and foremost, the teachers and administrators have worked very carefully over the last six years to create a nurturing environment that understands the significant developmental differences between an entering ten or eleven year old and a departing thirteen or fourteen year old.



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  Through the Decades

Horace Mann: A Brief History





Lower Division

Horace Mann is a very good school. Here at Horace Mann we are one community, and we work together to follow the “Rules We Live By” and be the best that we can be.




                                                    --Daria B. '16  





As the first part of the process comes to an end, the next begins. Congratulations on your admission to Horace Mann. We’re excited to have been able to offer your child a place in our school, and look forward to welcoming your family to our community.



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Nursery Division

Come to Horace Mann because there's a lot of them - middle Horace Mann, big Horace Mann and Nursery.  



                                                  --William ‘21




We asked some kindergartners, “Why do children like to come to Horace Mann?” Their enthusiastic responses embraced the spirit of our school and the Nursery Division. They all agreed that school is fun, the teachers are nice and they like to go outside on the roof and in the yard.
















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Parents Association: Information, News & Events 

In our experience as parents, Horace Mann engages the intellectual interests of each student on an individual basis but also creates a genuine community of learning. As the kids grow they gain a sense of empowerment and the place is suffused with tremendous spirit and energy. We are grateful for the opportunities our children are receiving. 

                                        --Larry, Parent '11, '12 and '15





It is so important to me as a parent to give my children roots and wings.  Because I attended Horace Mann, I knew that it would be, and it has been, instrumental in (i) helping them to discover (through their unique experiences, and our shared Horace Mann experience) who they are as individuals and members of a community of excellence (roots), and (ii) providing them with the opportunity to develop a lifelong love of learning that is able to take them anywhere their talents and focus may direct (wings).

                                   --Nat '79, Parent '03, '04, '07, '09







From the time a student enrolls in Horace Mann, parents and/or guardians are automatically members of the PA. Our primary mission is to contribute to community building at the School from Nursery through Upper Division. We organize over 75 events and activities across the divisions throughout the school year. Additional events serve as important fundraisers that benefit the School, specific areas, such as our libraries, as well as funds, such as Student Assistance and Financial Aid. We also support our broader community through community service initiatives across the tri-state area. We encourage and welcome families to volunteer at events and for committees as well as leadership positions. There is a place for every parent or guardian who wants to be involved - mom, dad or guardian - whether working inside or outside the home. And it’s never too late in the year to participate. Please don't hesitate to join in and put your paw print on the PA.    





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