iPad FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions related to iPads. If you have any additional questions, please contact technology@horacemann.org or Ms. Robin Ingram.

Should I buy an iPad for my child or borrow one from Horace Mann?

We strongly encourage you to provide an iPad for your child. We have a limited supply of used, base model iPads to loan to those families who are unable to provide an iPad for their child. In addition, your child is more likely to be personally responsible for its care if it is owned.

What kind of iPad can my child borrow from Horace Mann?

Although we hope that you will purchase an iPad for your child, he or she can borrow a used iPad Air 2 and charger cable from Horace Mann for the 2017-2018 school year (free of charge). It must be returned at the end of the year.

When can my child get this iPad?

iPads will be distributed to students during the first week of school.

What kind of training will my child receive?

New seventh and eighth grade students will be trained in basic features of the iPad, Google Drive, accessing the PowerSchool Learning (Haiku) portal and Notability. He or she will be asked to complete a brief on-line course on iPad and electronic good citizenship in order to be able to use his or her iPad during free periods and lunch. All sixth grade students will receive training over several sessions.

What happens if my child’s school iPad is damaged?

We will replace a damaged iPad once during your child’s years in the Middle Division. If a second iPad is damaged, you will be charged for repairs before it is replaced. A broken screen, the most common damage, typically costs $100 for replacement as well as time to transfer data to a new iPad. If a second iPad is damaged, it may be more economical to purchase your child’s own iPad.

Will there be any additional costs for iPad users?

Yes, your child will likely need to spend about $20 -$25 on course specific apps throughout the year. Either open an iTunes account and give your child access or purchase an iTunes gift card so that your child can easily download a needed app during the school day.

Should my child have his or her own Apple ID?

Yes. We recommend that all students have their own Apple ID (Also known as an iCloud or iTunes account). If your child is under the age of 13, a parent/guardian will have to create the account for them.

It is problematic for a student to use the same iCloud account as a parent or sibling. Your child may run out of room for backups; parents’ calendars or messages can show up on his/her iPad, or a sibling can delete Notability notes because they are both syncing to the same iCloud account.

We recommend using Family Sharing to manage your child’s Apple ID which allows one person, a "family organizer" to invite up to 6 people in your family to share purchases (apps, music, books) without sharing accounts, so you only have to purchase an app once, even if you have multiple children who need to use it.

There is an "ask to buy" option that makes it that when a child initiates a purchase, the family organizer gets an alert and can either accept or reject the purchase from their device. You can use Family Sharing on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8 (or later), your Mac with OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12 (or later), or your PC with iCloud for Windows.

More information can be found here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201060

If you want to use a single family account for purchases, it is possible to use the family Apple ID for the iTunes & App Stores, and the student's Apple ID for iCloud. This can be done in the Settings of the iPad.

Information on Apple’s membership terms, including age restrictions, can be found at this link: http://www.apple.com/internetservices/terms/membership_terms.html

If I am planning to purchase an iPad what kind should I buy?

Any current model of iPad, including the mini, will be fine. We are assuming all apps will be able to run on an iPad 4 (with the smaller lightning connector) or newer. You need to decide what capacity to purchase. Your child’s need depend on whether or not your child will be downloading and creating music, photos, videos and games on the iPad. For school purposes, 32GB will be sufficient.

Are there any accessories to purchase?

We recommend a sturdy case, a stylus pen, a pair of inexpensive headphones and an optional keyboard. Extended typing should really continue on laptops and desktops both here at school and at home, not on the iPad. We have found that the keyboard covers that just cover the front of the iPad, especially the ones made by Logitech, do not sufficiently protect the iPad in the event of a drop and can sometimes cause cracks on the screen when put into a heavy bookbag. We recommend an additional padded sleeve and storing the iPad in the bookbag separately from the keyboard cover to avoid cracks and breaks caused by the keyboard cover.

Consider buying Apple Care + and loss/damage/theft insurance if you are purchasing an iPad.

Will the iPad replace textbooks?

Very few middle school books are available for the iPad. Your child will get a few e-books from us via bulk purchase of site licenses and your child’s teachers will help your child to download these e-books. Textbooks will be loaned out and mainly kept at home. The iPad will cut down tremendously on notebooks and papers carried back and forth to school.

What additional expectations does my child need to know?

Students are expected to bring a fully charged iPad to school every day. There will be a select number of charging stations available throughout the building but the devices will not be secured.

Students are expected to have their name on the lock screen. This can be done by simply taking a photo with the iPad of their name and then uploading the photo to the lock screen.

Students are expected to take good care of their iPad. They should not be walking around the building while using the iPad.

Students are expected to keep their phone turned off and in their backpack throughout the school day. Students should not be responding to texts from you or other family members on their iPad during the day.

Students will be reminded that all expectations regarding acceptable behavior as outlined in the Student Handbook apply to iPad use as well.

Will there be any training for parents?

Yes, we schedule a training session in the first month of the school year.

Do I have to let you know if my child will be borrowing an iPad from Horace Mann?

Yes, we will send out a form over the summer. You MUST complete the form in order to ensure that your child has a school-issued iPad.
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