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Volume 5, Issue 7
July 2012

A Message From Dr. Kelly

Over the course of the past few weeks, and for good reason, my last two letters to the community have responded to concerns specifically about our School’s past. The matters before us are complicated and hurtful and deserve our attention, our respect, and our due diligence. However, they will be addressed without losing sight of the immediate needs of the students, faculty and staff who have worked to define Horace Mann School today in so many unique and wonderful ways. No matter how distant one may believe our past to be, I would be remiss in not acknowledging the reality of how it affects both our present and our future. To that end, this year-end issue of Across the Divisions is designed to applaud the good work of today’s students and to introduce our parent body to a handful of important resources.

From Nursery through Upper, including our program up at the John Dorr Nature Laboratory, the slideshows showcased within this issue feature the excitement of May and June at Horace Mann School. I hope you’ll take a moment to appreciate the good cheer overflowing at this year’s Kindergarten Sing, Lower Division’s moving-up exercise, Middle Memories, Senior Dorr, and, of course, our Upper Division Commencement Exercises. With eyes focused on what lies ahead, we acknowledge that with these transitions comes the excitement associated with great new beginnings.

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Parents Association: Information, News & Events

As this 125th Anniversary Year comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone who planned and participated in our community-building activities. Please click on The Bulletin link below to read about recent school and PA events. We wish everyone a wonderful summer!

» The Bulletin - June 2012

Nursery Division

The end of the school year was a time for all of us to  reflect on the magical year we have had together at the Nursery Division. The children shared their thoughts and feelings, revisited projects, songs and stories with each other. The pre-kindergarten teachers spent time in each of the threes classrooms to talk to the children about moving to pre-k.

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Lower Division

There was something about the last week of school. Everyone knew the end was upon us, staring at the last days with a degree of disbelief. At some point, time just runs out. On Thursday, June 7th, our end of year assembly took us back to the beginning in September and brought us to where we are now in June, reminding us of the year that had just gone by.

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Middle Division

Every now and then I am asked the question, “What do teachers do with their long summers?” Every year at Horace Mann, June is filled with lots of reflective and constructive conversations to better prepare for the following year. I have already heard about a wonderful conversation between teachers working on a common language with respect to writing assignments and annotation.

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Upper Division

We've come to the end of another memorable year; it seems that the older I get, of course, the truer is the cliche: the years fly by faster, and the longer ago it seems that any particular year began. As a faculty, it's our responsibility to take foresight, to plan. This year and last, we've been giving special consideration to the academic future of the School.

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A retrospective of the year at Dorr is always challenging. Over a thousand faces and personalities have woven and blended themselves into a kaleidoscope of experiences, exploring, playing, sharing, and learning. Over the last few days, we participated in a workshop sponsored by the School entitled “The Teacher as Social Artist.”

» Nature Notes, June 2012

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Media Gallery

Please enjoy some of the featured photo albums and videos from recent events in Dr. Kelly's letter and listed below.


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Alumni and Development Office

We are delighted to congratulate the Class of 2012 and to welcome them to Horace Mann School’s Alumni Association. We hope that you stay connected with your alma mater and look forward to seeing you again soon. As our school’s 125th academic year comes to an end, enjoy a short film commemorating this milestone anniversary.

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Office of Diversity

We come to the end of the school year with a new appreciation for the small and large ways in which a community builds and strengthens itself to meet its mission. With the continuing conversation surrounding the Core Value buttons that we distributed in April, we have found opportunity to explore these five defining concepts in new ways.

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Summer on the Hill

Summer on the Hill (SOH) held its 12th commencement ceremony on June 2. We celebrated the achievements of 18 8th graders who completed the program, wished success in their new high schools and welcomed them to return to SOH in the fall for our High School Program.

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HM Screens Documentary Film
Miss Representation

With the support of Patricia Zuroski, Head of the Office of Diversity, Horace Mann’s UD Women’s Issues Club, Documentary Film Club, Men’s Issues Club and the UD Community Council hosted a screening of several modules of the Miss Representation. Parents, faculty and interested MD and UD students had the opportunity to view the documentary in its entirety on the evening of the same day. 

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