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  June 2012  


HM Hosts Award Winning Documentary

By Shadi Sheybani

The scientific advances of the mid-twentieth century along with the liberal political and social movements of the ’60s and ’70s have enabled American women to raise their voices, join the work force in larger numbers and stand on their own financial feet. However, the simultaneous liberalization of sexuality has permitted the frequent and ever more extreme objectification of women in the media that according to the documentary film, Miss Representation, undermines the presence of women in positions of real power and influence.

Miss Representation premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival to much critical acclaim, aired on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), and has been shown in thousands of schools, both in the States and abroad. With the support of Patricia Zuroski, Head of the Office of Diversity, Horace Mann’s UD Women’s Issues Club, Documentary Film Club, Men’s Issues Club and the UD Community Council hosted a screening of several modules of the film. Parents, faculty and interested MD and UD students had the opportunity to view the documentary in its entirety on the evening of the same day. Jessica Bernheim ’12 introduced the film’s producer, Regina Kulik Scully ’81, and director, Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Following the screening, the filmmakers led a fascinating and informative Q&A session, sharing their personal experiences as women and the story of persistence, faith and sisterhood that brought about the project’s fruition. In her meeting with students, Regina Scully talked about the urgency for all girls and women to intentionally counteract the ingrained behaviors that objectify women by responding to one another in more thoughtful ways.

Visit the film’s website to take the pledge, host a screening, view a screening or get involved in many other possible ways to influence the place and portrayal of women in our society. http://www.missrepresentation.org/

Fifth Grade Participates in the National Mythology Exam

By Jacqueline Ching

Click Photo to see Video Slideshow of 5th Grade Mythology Exam

“The mythology curriculum for the fifth grade began in 1987 as a vehicle for practicing critical thinking skills,” said Maureen Kennedy, a Horace Mann fifth grade teacher. “The children loved it from the get go, and it developed into one of our reading units. The D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths became our myth primer and many classes have studied Marcel Camus's movie, Black Orpheus, linking ancient characters and themes to Mardi Gras in modern Brazil. After the class trip to Washington, D.C., students often view Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train to study the Promethean myth, revisit the monuments in D.C., and link mythology to our mystery writing unit.”

Horace Mann fifth graders have been taking the National Mythology Exam for over fifteen years. In late May, the grade participates in the awards ceremony where fifth grade English teachers, Ms. Kennedy and Ms. Eldridge, present the certificates and ribbons of participation to all students as well as the bronze, silver and gold medals to those who scored above 90 percent on the exam. The students are invited to dress as their favorite Greek personages for the ceremony.

This year, the award presentation took place on May 22nd. The students’ excitement and support for each other was palpable, the ceremony frequently punctuated with applause and high-fives.

"I aced this test and I'm proud—really proud!" said an elated Sean Koons after the ceremony.

Several boys shouted how proud they were of their friends, Aaron Snyder and Kai Galvan-Dubois, who each won silver medals.

"I worked hard with my dad," Kai said.

"We are so proud of these children for their enthusiastic participation and perseverance in learning about Greek myths from the time of Homer to the Roman Empire," said Ms. Kennedy, who this year was dressed as the goddess Demeter. "Often children will come back as adults and say, 'I still have my ribbon.' It's one of the joys of this event."

LD Hosts Math & Science Night

By Manisha Gandhi

The Lower Division Math & Science Night is a unique opportunity for fourth and fifth grades to experiment, experience and compute!

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News of the School

By Bernice Hauser

From Dr. David Schiller, Head of Upper Division:
Jonathan Nye has been chosen to replace Rachael Myers as Co-Director of The Mannikin. Jonathan's fine work in the Theatre Arts Department is known to us all; his efficiency and co-operative spirit have improved our School … I know you will join me in welcoming Jonathan to this additional and challenging new job.”

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