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Volume 5, Issue 5
March 2012

A Message From Dr. Kelly

Dear Friends,

With our children excited about two weeks of spring vacation, now is a wonderful time for this month’s Across the Divisions to serve as a reminder of the excitement inherent in the educational experience we all share. So much of that excitement stems from the privileges and responsibilities associated with teaching such terrific children. I love being Head of School at Horace Mann; however, I wouldn’t be your Head of School if not for the ability to teach on a daily basis. It’s through teaching that all of us at Horace Mann come to appreciate how much we have to learn, and how much we have to share.

As I begin the third trimester with my Advanced Placement Psychology students I’m delighted to be able to pilot a classroom set of iPads. While I was a tad worried about marginalizing human interaction, I have marveled at the increase in creativity and productivity tied to the introduction of this new tool. Earlier this week, the class and I took on a discussion about thinking and language. This particular subject matter is not new to the field of psychology, but having a class period’s worth of conversation exclusively through the use of images displayed on one’s iPad is. This novel use of images allowed for a far more robust discussion of the complex relationship between verbal and iconic representation. Please feel free to read the story below to learn more about how iPads are being used in many different ways throughout Horace Mann School.

»

» HM Pilots iPads as Teaching Tools in the Classroom

Alumni and Development Office

Horace Mann School's 125th Anniversary Webcast Series continues with a lecture on the role of gender in World War I. We are proud to share many exciting events and activities sponsored by the Alumni and Development Office at HM. Please follow the links below to read more:

»

Parents Association: Information, News & Events

It is elections season in the PA. Please consider submitting your name for an officer position. It is a great way to challenge yourself, have fun and make friends, all while helping the school. Read the PA Elections Letter for more information. Another rewarding way to be involved is to participate in the CCVA’s All-School Service-Learning Day, which is coming up on Saturday, April 21. This is a day for our community to come together and help the community around us. It has been a busy winter for the PA. For dynamic coverage of recent PA and school events, please click on the link below to read The Bulletin, the PA’s online magazine.

» The Bulletin - March 2012

Nursery Division

Our curriculum projects are leading the ND children to exciting journeys of exploration and discovery.
The studio, science, music, movement and literacy teachers have all worked with each class to support their particular on going curriculum. Each pre-kindergarten class has chosen a different topic of study that has emerged through the children's opportunities to think, plan and create.

»

Lower Division

In a year of no snow days, these winter months have been filled with uninterrupted days of ongoing skill building in all different areas of the curriculum. Certainly not lost on the students, they’re wondering if we can have a “snow day” anyway. If not with actual snow, maybe there could be a day with a late start, a day that could begin with brunch.

»

Middle Division

I am often struck by the complex lives led by our Middle Division students. As the students move from class to class during the school week, they are often asked in a matter of minutes to stop thinking about a political debate in history to begin making observations of their growing narcissus bulb, and then forty-five minutes later, to remember the steps of their dance performance number.

»

Upper Division

It’s not quite spring, but almost. The kids respond to weather: as if someone had a crystal ball forecasting the temperature, there is an instantaneous appearance of shorts, a divestiture of coats, the arrival of lacrosse sticks and softball equipment. Perhaps smiles come easier; perhaps backpacks seem lighter; perhaps spring vacation will finally begin.

»


The last of this year’s nine eight-day eighth-grade programs just ended. It has been an exciting year with many wonderful students. The program is a voyage in self-discovery, and the thoughts, ideas, and challenges the students face are meant to stretch their minds and bodies. We introduce many skills to the students, inlcuding a term called the Seven Steps to Problem Solving.

»

» Learn about Maple Syrup Season

Media Gallery

Please enjoy some of the photo albums and videos from recent events.

Featured Photo Gallery

Service-Learning at Horace Mann


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Support Horace Mann School

Strong support of the Annual Fund ensures adequate and immediate financing to enhance and sustain all aspects of the School’s programming in and out of the classroom. Special thanks to the many members of the Horace Mann School community who have already contributed to this year’s Fund.

» Make a Gift to Annual Fund 2012

» View Current Participation by Class

Horace Mann School's 125th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, May 19, 2012
Clark Field

Please mark your calendars for Horace Mann School's 125th Anniversary Celebration. Join the HM community on campus as we commemorate this milestone in our school’s history. The school will be hosting a gala celebration in tents on Clark Field for the entire community, including faculty, staff, alumni, parents and other members of the Horace Mann family.

Summer School 2012

For a full list of courses, applications forms, and cost and registration information for Summer School 2012, please visit the Summer School web page. Mini-course options are open to students in grades 4-12. Credit courses are available for students in grades 9-12. If you have any questions about Summer School, please consult the Summer School FAQ.

» Summer School FAQ

Center for Community
Values and Action

Horace Mann's Fifth Annual All-School Service-Learning Day is right around the corner. Plan to be there for all or part of the day! We’ll be partnering with our Bronx neighbors in activities for all ages, at Horace Mann and in the local community. Take part in Gardening, Painting, Cooking, Park Beautification, Music, Magic, Sports, and More! Activities for all ages.

»

Athletics Update

This past Thursday we had our Upper Division Winter Athletic Awards Banquet. It was a great celebration acknowledging our athletes and their dedication this past season. We would once again like to congratulate all of our winter team athletes for their hard work, as well as for their team and personal triumphs.

»

Office of Diversity

It’s been a busy start to the New Year. We have had many opportunities for community- building across HM. In January, faculty and parents organized a day to celebrate Three Kings’ Day. The children heard stories, shared Latino traditions and created fabulous crowns.

»

Summer on the Hill

SOH's Coordinator of Admissions held Admissions Review Sessions on January 28 and February 4, with 195 candidates for admission participating in mock classes led by Horace Mann and SOH faculty. Teachers discussed a story with prospective students, administered a brief math test, and wrote observations of students’ behavior and academic aptitude.

»

Office of Curriculum and
Professional Development

The 2012 William K. and Marion Langfan Constitutional Oratorical Competition begins with the semi-final round of speeches on Monday, March 12. This year marks the eleventh year of the competition. Students in the tenth grade are eligible to write and deliver a 5-7 minute speech on a topic related to the United States Constitution.

»


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