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Public Safety

About our Department

The Horace Mann Department of Public Safety (HMDPS) is comprised of 17 full-time and 4 part-time members, 8 of which are retired members of the New York City Police Department and the New York City Fire Department. Our other members bring many years of prior campus security experience from several colleges and universities throughout the City. Furthermore, HMDPS is fortunate to have a New York State Licensed EMT on staff.

The dedicated personnel of HMDPS are responsible for enhancing the quality of life, safety and security of our community. The department accomplishes its mission through the delivery of several comprehensive and integrated safety programs, such as our Safe Haven and Safe Ride Programs as well as the mutual sharing of information with our colleagues at the Fieldston School, Riverdale School, Manhattan College and with the Fieldston Property Owners Security Personnel. The HMDPS also has a strong relationship with our local police precinct and fire companies in addition to numerous other NYPD Specialized Units.

Our Public Safety Department trains throughout the year on a wide range of topics including EPI pens, AED/CPR/First Aid/ and bleeding control applications. Our Maintenance Department and Cafeteria (FLIK) Staff along with members of our Athletics and IT Departments also participate in many of our training sessions. HMPDS regularly conducts Fire Drills, Lockdown Drills and addresses the Horace Mann Community at safety assemblies throughout the year. To further enhance the safety of our community, all maintenance personnel, as well the Head of School, are licensed New York State Security Guards. Like HMDPS, many hold additional certifications from the NYFD, such as Supervisor of Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Guard and Emergency Drill conductor.

Our Public Safety Department is proud to be an integral part of the Horace Mann Community and are wholeheartedly committed to the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff.


Parking in and around the Horace Mann Campus is an extremely challenging endeavor, but with everyone’s assistance, it can be managed effectively. Our campus is located within and bordering the eastern end of the private Fieldston Community (FPOA). The FPOA is responsible for maintaining the private streets and their security is authorized to tow unauthorized vehicles. When visiting the campus, it is extremely important to ask a member of Public Safety for parking directions. We are authorized to use both sides of West 246th Street from Tibbett Ave to the Fieldston Road Circle for 10 events each school year. When appropriate, you will be directed by Public Safety to these parking areas.

Visitors Policy

For the safety of the Horace Mann Community, all visitors are required to check in with HMDPS when they arrive on campus and present photo identification. All visitors to the Upper and Middle Divisions should check in at the Security Desk in Olshan Lobby, located at the corner of West 246th Street and Tibbett Ave. Visitors to the Lower Division, located at 4440 Tibbett Avenue, should check in at the Security Booth. Visitors to the Nursery Division, located at 55 East 90th Street, will also be screened upon arrival.

There are no pets allowed on any of our campuses. Additionally, there are no firearms allowed on any of our campuses. Please keep in mind these policies are in place for the safety of our students.