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HM Online will continue through the end of the 2019-2020 academic year. Summer School and all summer camps are canceled for 2020.

Alma Mater

We were strangers met in friendship, now we're kin to one and all
Who have passed their youth 'neath the guiding hand...of our Noble HORACE MANN.

When we're lone and helpless wanderers in this dark and stormy sea
She's the beacon that will light the way to life and liberty.
For knowledge is the truth that makes us free.

Great is the truth and it prevails; Mighty the youth the morrow hails.
Lives come and go; stars cease to glow; but great is the truth and it prevails.

Let us honor Alma Mater as in tribute now we stand.
Pour your heart into each vibrant note that earth this song may span;
Let the heavens hear and hail to HORACE MANN.

- Robert Ackerman, '53

Alma Mater Sheet Music (PDF)

Hear the HM Alma Mater
performed by the
2010 Horace Mann Glee Club

1957 Glee Club

Original Alma Mater/School Hymn

All loyal to Horace Mann, fair Alma Mater;
Sing proudly acclaiming her time-honored name.
The shrine where we linger in wisdom delighting,
In years coming after we’ll cherish thy fame.

When striving to conquer a foeman untiring,
The Red and the White lo, they gleam in the sun.
Our banner uplifted, forever inspiring,
Shall spur us to victory, new glory won.

In memory Horace Mann, fair Alma Mater,
We’ll lovingly cherish and dreaming behold
The halls where we lingered in wisdom delighting,
How sweet is the vision which time shall unfold.

All loyal to Horace Mann, fair Alma Mater,
Sing proudly acclaiming her time-honored name.

- Author Unknown