Our Library

The Katz Library is a central hub of student activity at Horace Mann School. Between making reading recommendations, helping with online databases, or assisting in finding books for specific projects, the librarians and staff are always available to students and faculty.

Because we believe that literacy skills should not be learned in a vacuum, but rather should be tied to curricula, librarians work closely with faculty and students to provide detailed instruction around specific assignments. To this end, the library collects heavily in areas that will support the curriculum and, when necessary, we order multiple copies of titles.

The Library’s collection houses nearly 52,000 books, videos, DVDs, audio cassettes and CDs, audiobooks, as well as dozens of magazines. In addition, the Katz Library subscribes to 50 research databases that are available 24/7 through remote access with a student or faculty ID. The library provides seating for 180 students, with soft seating areas for comfortable leisure reading and studying. Over 55 laptops are available for student use in the library, as well as 22 desktops. Six group study rooms, located on both floors of the Library, allow students to work collaboratively. One of these rooms also serves as an Electronic Classroom where research classes meet to work with librarians and their teacher. Students may may eat lunch and drink throughout the library, but they are expected to keep the library clean.

Throughout the school year, the Katz Library hosts a variety of special events, such as award-related book groups, author visits, holiday movie celebrations, and Library Spirit Day. Middle Division students and faculty read over the summer as part of the Faculty Sponsored Read which creates connections between faculty and students and encourages a love of reading. Middle Division students are invited to join the HM Mock Newbery Committee to choose the best book published for middle grade readers over the past year. Upper Division students can join the HM Mock Printz Committee to select the best young adult book published during the year.

Some of our most popular programs are the weekly book group meetings. Readers Forum, the Middle Division club, meets every Friday. The library offers lunch while students talk about the books they are reading, get recommendations, and play games. Upper Division students take part in twice weekly Literary Lunch Chat meetings where students discuss books they are currently reading for pleasure and for school. The group discussions frequently focus on beloved books that are being made into movies. For both Middle and Upper Division students, these weekly book group meetings are looked forward to with great anticipation.

The Katz Library Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Katz Library to support the academic and extracurricular programs by providing a wide range of both print and non-print resources. With varying emphasis relevant to students’ ages, the goals of the library are to:

1. Develop a life-long love of reading and foster a heightened imagination;

2. Promote good citizenship and a pronounced sense of civility; and

3. Inculcate a spirit of independent learning and a self-confidence that will serve students beyond their years at Horace Mann.