Digital Literacy

Media Literacy

Use lateral reading to help evaluate online sources by determining:

  • who is behind the info?
  • what is the evidence?
  • what do other sources say?

Read laterally by opening other tabs and going outside of a website to other sites, which can be: 

Show click-restraint: don't click on the first result you see! Results are not listed in order of credibility, but rather the top results are often written or sponsored by the organization you're investigating. 

Lateral reading can be done alongside vertical reading (scrolling through the original source to analyze it); just beware that the "About" and "FAQ" pages are controlled by the content creators.

Keep in mind perspective: does this source include multiple perspectives? Are there any voices missing from the conversation?

Check out these useful videos:

(Adapted from: Civic Online Reasoning and Jennifer Hubert Swan, Hackley School)

Copyright & Fair Use

Creativity, Copyright & Fair Use (video)