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Horace Mann School is a proud and involved citizen of the Fieldston neighborhood, the Riverdale community, the borough of the Bronx, New York City and the tri-state area. Horace Mann School remains committed to interacting with our neighbors in meaningful ways; we continually strive to nurture and be nurtured by our neighborhood and neighbors. Mutual respect, a Horace Mann School core value, remains the basis of our continued engagement with the world beyond our campuses.

The School defines citizenship in terms of how we purposefully communicate and interact with the communities in which we reside. While we are privileged to be members of a talent-rich community, recognizing the resources and traditions of our neighbors serves to define our school in unique and socially significant ways.

Horace Mann School's relationships with its surrounding communities are truly collaborative and symbiotic, incorporating a sharing of facilities, programs, resources, and visions for the improvement of our neighborhood, borough, and city. Our interactions and relationships with our neighbors are mutually beneficial to both the community and the School.

In 2006, Horace Mann School established The Center for Community Values & Action (CCVA), now known as The Mindich Family Center for Community Values & Action to strengthen its commitment to service and citizenship. As individuals and as an institution, we at Horace Mann School continually strive to find opportunities to better our local and global communities.