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Athletics Attendance

Interscholastic athletics at the Horace Mann School is a component of the physical education program where credit is given for completion of a sport season. Therefore, all policies governing academic requirements shall be extended to athletics.

Choosing to participate on an athletic team is a personal choice requiring a full commitment and sacrifice to attend all scheduled practices and contests.

The athletic department recognizes that each student should have the opportunity for a broad range of experiences in the area of extracurricular activities, however, students need to recognize that absences from practices will hinder skill development and physical conditioning, as well as jeopardize team unity. Time missed from practice or contest inherently will influence an athlete’s performance, and potentially playing time and/or position with the team.

Athletes have a responsibility to do everything they can to avoid conflicts. This would include being cautious about belonging to too many activities where conflicts are bound to occur.

All absences from a practice or a contest will be recorded on Teacher Plus.

Athletes and parent/guardian(s) will receive an email notice from the Attendance Office on the day following an unexcused athletic absence.

Total Absences – Excused and Unexcused

If an athlete misses a total combination of 3 practices or a contest, for any reason, a meeting with the coach and the seasonal associate athletic director will be called to talk about the absence(s) and possible solution.