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Athletics at Horace Mann are a natural outgrowth of the Physical Education program. While the School has been fortunate to enjoy successes for both teams and individuals, the intended purpose of the program is to teach and endorse long-term physical and mental health. Students learn to collaborate, compete, set goals, and abide by the rules of fair play. Preparation for team sports begins in the upper elementary years, where physical education classes include units with a variety of specific sport-based skills. Team sport competition is introduced at the Middle Division during seventh grade. Students who are not on teams continue in the required Physical Education program that includes an intramural segment in the third rotation every trimester.

In the Middle Division there are twelve teams offered for boys and fourteen teams for girls. In the course of the last five years, three sports (Cross-Country, Water Polo and Track and Field) have been added to the Middle Division athletic program to meet student demand. There is an average of fifty percent student participation on team sports for seventh and eighth graders. There is an average of one coach per team. Middle Division teams practice during the school day and their local competitions are held after the academic day.

In the Upper Division, the Athletic Department offers approximately thirteen Junior Varsity teams for both boys and girls. At the Varsity level, the Athletic Department offers eighteen teams for boys and eighteen teams for girls. Two Varsity sports (Skiing and Crew) were recently added for both boys and girls in response to student demand. In recent years, between forty-four and seventy-three percent of all Upper Division students have participated in at least one team sport. Twenty-six percent of the student body competes on two or more teams a year. There is a minimum of two coaching positions per team and all coaches are annually certified in American Red Cross CPR/AED - Adult plus Child and Infant CPR. Teams compete locally and regionally.

League Affiliations

Ivy Preparatory School League

Horace Mann School is a member of the Ivy Preparatory School League. The league was established to encourage member schools to improve their extra-curricular program in the area of athletics. The value of league membership is derived from arranging of schedules, equalizing competition, conducting league meets, sport championships and generally up-grading the athletic program by adhering to league standards and goals. Membership implies abiding by league schedule, by-laws, rules and regulations. The following schools are members of the Ivy League: Collegiate School; Dalton School; Ethical Cultural Fieldston School; Hackley School; Horace Mann School; Poly Prep Country Day School; Trinity School; and Riverdale Country School.

Additional League Affiliations

Horace Mann competes in the following leagues or organizations in the following sports: Boys Volleyball - NYCAL; Football - Hudson Valley Football League (HVFL); Water Polo - US Water Polo Association; and Fencing - Indedependent Schools Fencing League.

NYSAIS Sports Standards

New York State Association of Independent Schools Athletic Association

Horace Mann School is a member in good standing of the New York State Association of Independent Schools Athletic Association (NYSAISAA) that serves as the authority in the supervision and guidance of the interscholastic athletic activities of the member schools in the state. As a member of the NYSAISAA, Horace Mann School elects to abide by the Commissioners Regulation as it pertains to athletics in order to compete with member schools in the NYSPHSAA, CHSAA, and PSAL and agrees to abide by all the state by-laws, rules and regulations.

Sportsmanship Statement

Sportsmanship Statement

The Ivy Preparatory School League promotes good sportsmanship by student-athletes, coaches and fans. We ask all spectators to respect the efforts of the players, coaches and officials by cheering in a positive manner for their respective teams. At no time should spectators speak to participants, coaches or officials during an athletic event. Profanity, racial or ethnic slurs, personal insults, fighting or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition. In addition, the use of noisemakers is not permitted. Games should be competitive but, above all, fun and friendly for everyone.

Tradition of Success

Tradition of Success

Horace Mann has been well known for its educational excellence as well as athletic excellence. We are proud of our rich tradition and the success that many of our athletic teams and individuals have achieved.

Team Championships

Alumni Athletes

Sports Schedule Alert System

Sports Schedule Alert System

We encourage parents to subscribe to their team’s schedule(s). By subscribing, you will receive reminders of scheduled games as well as alerts when a schedule change is made.

  1. Visit the Athletics home page at
  2. Find your team page by clicking on the season navigation menu; selecting the sport and level.
  3. Click on the box towards on the top right of the schedule.
  4. Use your Parent Portal/MyBackpack login credentials.
  5. Select how far in advance you wish to receive reminders (the default is 18 hours).

*If you encounter login problems, or cannot find your Parent Portal/MyBackpack login credentials, please click on this link (forgot username/password) and enter your primary email address. If are still not able to log in, please contact the Admissions office at (718) 432-4107 for support.

Concussion Management

New York State Concussion Management and Awareness Act

Pursuant to the Concussion Management and Awareness Act [N.Y. Education Law section 305(42)(a)], the state commissioners of education and health are required to develop rules and regulations relative to students who suffer concussions while receiving instruction or engaging in any school-sponsored activity.

Key Legislative Guidelines (PDF)

School Policy on Concussions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 300,000 concussions are sustained during sports related activities nationwide, and more than 62,000 concussions are sustained each year in high school contact sports. Second-impact syndrome occurs when a person sustains a second concussion while still experiencing symptoms of a previous concussion. It can lead to severe impairment and even death of the victim.

It is imperative that athletes, coaches, and parent/guardians are educated about the nature and treatment of sports related concussions and other head injuries.

Horace Mann School Concussion Policy (PDF)

Additional Resources

Athletics Attendance

Interscholastic athletics at the Horace Mann School is a component of the physical education program where credit is given for completion of a sport season. Therefore, all policies governing academic requirements shall be extended to athletics.

Choosing to participate on an athletic team is a personal choice requiring a full commitment and sacrifice to attend all scheduled practices and contests.

The athletic department recognizes that each student should have the opportunity for a broad range of experiences in the area of extracurricular activities, however, students need to recognize that absences from practices will hinder skill development and physical conditioning, as well as jeopardize team unity. Time missed from practice inherently will influence an athlete’s performance, and potentially playing time and/or position with the team.

Students have a responsibility to do everything they can to avoid conflicts. This would include being cautious about belonging to too many activities where conflicts are bound to occur.

ALL absences from a practice or a contest will be recorded on AP Web.

Athletes and parent/guardian(s) will receive an email notice from the Attendance Office on the day following an unexcused athletic absence. Athletes are required to bring the completed form to their coach for discussion.

Any unexcused absence from a practice will follow the same study hall policy as a physical education student and:

  • On the first unexcused absence, the student athlete will meet with their head coach. (For the first unexcused absence, the athlete will spend two periods in Study Hall)
  • On the second unexcused absence, the student athlete will meet with the head coach and the seasonal associate athletic director and serve a one game suspension. (For the second unexcused absence, the athlete is required to spend one week (5 days) in Study Hall which includes all free periods each day, with exception of one period for lunch.)
  • On the third unexcused absence, the student athlete will meet the head coach, the seasonal associate athletic director, grade dean and parent/guardian(s). At this time the student athlete will be given another game suspension. (For the third unexcused absence, the athlete is required to spend two weeks (10 days) in Study Hall, including all free periods, with the exception of one period for lunch.)
  • On the fourth unexcused absence, the student athlete will meet the head coach, the seasonal associate director of athletic, director of athletics and grade dean. At this time the student athlete will no longer be eligible for a varsity letter or participation awards and the student athlete will be given another game suspension.
  • After the fifth unexcused/unacceptable absence, the student athlete will be removed from the team and return to physical education class.


  • Five instances of lateness to a practice are equivalent to one unexcused absence.

Athletic Excused Absences

Coaches may use their discretion when determining whether an absence for a non-athletic school activity is excused or unexcused.

Two (2) athletic excused absences from practice may be permissible with coach approval (See Athletic Excused Absence Form on Athletic Website / Inside Athletics).

A second athletic excused absence from practice requires a follow up meeting equivalent to the policy stated for the second unexcused absence – the student/athlete will meet with the head coach and the seasonal associate athletic director.

Any absence from a contest may include an automatic game suspension. A game suspension requires an approval from the seasonal associate athletic director and notification to the grade dean.

Athletic Handbook

This handbook has been developed with the intent of helping to make interscholastic athletics at Horace Mann as simple, effective, and as enjoyable as possible. It is hoped that by assembling all the material that relates to the administration of athletic programs in one central volume, parents and student athletes will have a better understanding of these practices, policies, and procedures with a more convenient reference to them.

This handbook is intended to clearly state and define methods for accomplishing specific tasks, to outline basic goals, and to recommend guidelines for the maintenance of high standards in the overall athletic program. It is also intended to be a practical tool that answers more questions than it creates and which parents and student athletes find to be a usable resource and not just another item to be filed away.

This handbook is designed to supplement and not replace direct communication among all members of the athletic community. The Athletic Director will always be available to provide whatever assistance is required in pursuit of common goals.

  1. Welcome to Horace Mann Athletics
  2. Philosophy of Interscholastic Athletics
  3. Modified Program Philosophy
  4. Junior Varsity Program Philosophy
  5. Varsity Program Philosophy
  6. Getting Ready to Play
  7. Athletic Department Policies and Procedures
  8. Athletic Awards
  9. Coach/Parent Relationship
  10. Guide for the Prospective College Bound Athlete