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Nutrition and Supplements: For the High School Athlete

Nutrition for the middle/high school athlete is very important. During this phase of life a person is not only eating to supply the body with enough nutrients and calories to grow but to re-supply the body with energy after practice or competition. Smart and healthy eating is a must. The best ways to replenish the body is with a well-rounded diet. This included the proper amount of carbohydrates, lipids or fats, and proteins as well as vitamins and nutrients and hydration.

Some athletes use supplements to try and replenish the body but this can have many negative effects. Supplements are a tricky subject. Most supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug administration (FDA). This allows supplement companies to put products on the market that could have potentially harmful ingredients. According to the FDA the manufacturer of a dietary supplement or dietary ingredient is responsible for ensuring that the product is safe before it is marketed, but the testing is done by the companies themselves not an independent party. The FDA is only responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement product after it reaches the market. It is our stance at Horace Mann that if you are going to take a dietary supplement that you check with your doctor before taking anything. Below are a few website that can help you with any questions you have or feel free to check in the nurse or athletic trainers.

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