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Cold Related Illness

Cold related illnesses include hypothermia, frostbite and frost-nip. All of these cold related illnesses are related to decreased body temperature due to prolonged exposure to cold and wet conditions. Hypothermia is a decrease in core body temperature below 95 degrees F. Anyone suspected of having hypothermia should immediately be moved to a warmer environment, remove wet clothing, and apply heat packs to the trunk, underarms, and groin area not the extremities. Frostbite is actual freezing of the body tissues (usually in the extremities) and is actually a protective mechanism to maintain core body temperature for the vital organs. Warm blood is pulled away from the cold peripheral tissues and sent to the core by vasoconstriction of the peripheral blood vessels. To rewarm a person with frostbite you should remove person for cold environment into warmer area, reheat the affected area slowly with water starting with cool temperatures and gradually raising the temperature of the water. AVIOD FRICTION OR RUBBING OF THE AFFECTED AREA. Rubbing can cause more damage to the already damaged tissue.

To prevent cold related illness, dressing in warm layers, wearing a hat and neck warmer, and limiting outside activity in cold weather are important.

School Policy on Wind Chill

Horace Mann School adheres to the following guidelines listed in the Wind Chill Procedures.

Wind Chill Procedures