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Concussion Management Information

New York State Concussion Management and Awareness Act

Pursuant to the Concussion Management and Awareness Act [N.Y. Education Law section 305(42)(a)], the state commissioners of education and health are required to develop rules and regulations relative to students who suffer concussions while receiving instruction or engaging in any school-sponsored activity.

Key Legislative Guidelines (PDF)

School Policy on Concussions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 300,000 concussions are sustained during sports related activities nationwide, and more than 62,000 concussions are sustained each year in high school contact sports. Second-impact syndrome occurs when a person sustains a second concussion while still experiencing symptoms of a previous concussion. It can lead to severe impairment and even death of the victim.

It is imperative that athletes, coaches, and parent/guardians are educated about the nature and treatment of sports related concussions and other head injuries.

Horace Mann School Concussion Policy (PDF)

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