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Internship Program

Through the Horace Mann School Summer Internship/Job Program, all graduating seniors, rising seniors, and college-age alumni have the opportunity to apply for summer internships or jobs offered by parents, graduates, and friends of the school. Internships have been provided in many different fields including the arts, business, law, philanthropy, real estate, medicine and publishing. Positions may be paid, may include a stipend, or may be unpaid, depending on the opportunity available and work required.

Information on available positions is available to students and posted approximately two weeks prior to Spring Break. It is the alumni/students’ responsibility to contact and complete the necessary application process for each position of interest. The Alumni House does not guarantee that students or alumni applying for a position will find an internship for the summer nor does it guarantee that employers will receive applications from students. This program is administered jointly by the Parents Association and the Alumni House and Development Office.

Internship Providers

All Horace Mann parents, friends and graduates are encouraged to list opportunities available in their places of work and to take advantage of the talents and skills our Horace Mann students offer, while making a significant contribution to their real-world education. Past program participants have consistently remarked on the positive contributions made by Horace Mann students. Often employers re-list their jobs and internships each year. Students who participate also find the experience extremely valuable, providing an opportunity to develop their skills, try something new, pursue a potential career interest, or take further steps along a dedicated path.

Please click here to list available internships or jobs.


Internships allow you to explore various professional fields, while bridging your academic preparation with your future plans for graduate school and career. The opportunities provided in the Horace Mann community may be unmatched elsewhere and we encourage you to take advantage of them. Please note that only students may apply for positions; parent initiated applications cannot be accepted.

A note to rising high school sophomores and juniors: this program is necessarily limited to rising seniors, graduating seniors and college-age graduates. The majority of employers are looking for older students and some opportunities require previous experience or college level work.

New This Year

In an effort to expand the access our young graduates have to the broad community of HM parents, friends and graduates, we also invite you to consider offering two other alternatives:

Job Shadowing: A one-to-two day experience during which the Intern spends the entire day with the host at the host’s business site, ideally following the host through the day going about his/her normal business activities. A small amount of time is reserved for orientation at the beginning of the day and a question/answer period at the end of the day. Interns may be asked to sign confidentiality or privacy protection agreements based on the type of placement.

Mentoring: A scheduled one-time meeting during which the mentor provides consultation, networking, career trajectory information and encouragement to college-age alumni, who have identified specific areas of career interest, matched to the Mentor’s expertise. Mentors may request resumes, or other informational material in advance in consideration of their time.