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HM Online, March 31st through April 17th. School reopens April 20th.

Horace Mann Career Development/Internship Program 2020

Are you looking for a unique summer internship or job not advertised anywhere else? Check out the opportunities from the Horace Mann Summer Internship & Career Development Program.

The program provides you with the unique opportunity to work with HM graduates, parents and friends of the school. The program is offered only to Horace Mann’s high school students and college-age alumni and is available through the efforts of volunteer parents and the school’s Alumni House and Development Office.

After reviewing the job list, fill out one Internship application for each of the openings you are interested in and note the reference # of the position in the upper left-hand corner of the application. Limit your applications to no more than nine positions. A resume is recommended. If additional materials are requested, you are strongly encouraged to include these as well so review of your application is not delayed. As you select jobs, keep in mind that some internships and higher paying jobs will be very competitive. Apply to more than one.

All applications will be mailed directly to the prospective employers after the March 26th, 2020 deadline, with instructions for them to contact the students immediately, and make offers no later than April 30, 2020. Please note that once applications are mailed to the employer, the Alumni Office is no longer directly involved. We will not give out the names of the employers so please do not call requesting such information. We also recommend you explore other summer options. Although most applicants find a position, we are not able to guarantee you one.

We ask that you only apply for positions you are truly interested in. Respect the time and effort of the employers by responding to all phone calls, and present yourself in a professional manner including dress, attitude and behavior. If you are offered an interview, follow up with a thank you. Email is the fastest way to say thank you after a job interview and it's perfectly acceptable to send a thank you email message.

You may return your application by email, fax (less desirable) or by regular mail if necessary. If you would like to download the original Internship application to mail in or email on your own please click here Internship application for email. Send in your application and resumes as PDFs.  Combine application with  resume (if you are attaching a resume) for each position you are applying for in pdf format.

Email application, resume and any other information with reference numbers to

APPLICATION DEADLINE: EXTENDED TO : Monday, March 30th, 2020 3pm
We hope you will review all the job listings and take advantage of the great opportunities offered exclusively to HM high school students and college-age alums. Contact the Internship Program at if you have questions, or need additional materials.

The initial set of internship listings will be posted on February 28th and will be updated on a weekly basis through March.

Internship Listings