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Marsha Hunt, Class of '34: 

Still a Star at Age 103

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“Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity,” a documentary that premiered on Turner Classic Movies on December 11, 2020, tells the story about Horace Mann High School for Girls graduate Marsha Hunt ’34, a young actress who was discovered in Hollywood in 1935 at age 17 and went on to make an astounding 54 films in 17 years for Paramount and MGM before being unfairly blacklisted.

The documentary presents a full-length portrait of a determined young actress whose commitment and actions on behalf of freedom placed her in jeopardy of losing her livelihood. Out of the spotlight, Hunt became a tireless worker for the United Nations and its agencies, dedicating herself to world hunger, cerebral palsy, and homelessness. She turned attempts to stifle her career into creating a better world for others. Her story is told through archival footage and interviews with people from her school days at Horace Mann, her United Nations co-workers, and her fellow actors. To view the trailer:

Marsha's seven decades of service were recently recognized by the Mensch International Foundation, which presented her with the prestigious Mensch Award in a Zoom ceremony on January 19, 2021. The award honors those who have a demonstrated commitment to stamping out stereotyping, racism, and anti-Semetic thinking. Previous awardees include President George H. W. Bush, First Lady Barbara Bush, and Zubin Mehta. "The word 'mensch' is synonymous with Marsha Hunt," says Mensch International Foundation founder Steven Geiger. "A mensch is a person who can be counted on to act with integrity and honor."