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Class of 1959 Reconnects and Reminisces at 65th Reunion

                               Photo:  Kristin Lax

Members of the Class of 1959 celebrated their 65th Reunion during the picture-perfect first weekend of June. In addition to dinner in Manhattan, their plans included returning to Riverdale to pay a visit to their alma mater. The group enjoyed a tour of the Upper Division followed by lunch under a tent next to Alumni Field. For several classmates, it was their first time on campus since graduation.

Attendees included Peter and Eileen, Fred and Joyce Claar, Jim and Rollyn Dritz, Avram and Debra Gold, Robert Haber and his fellow alum-son Brett Haber ’91, Miles Hisiger, Stanley and Emily Kotler, Alan and Nancy Maiss, James and Thuy Nach, Gary and Betty Paton, and Chuck and Kathie Ramos.

During the tour, Gordon Jensen, HM’s Director of Facilities, spoke with the group about the physical transformation of the campus facilities since the 1950’s, while Ron Beller, Associate Athletic Director, provided some color commentary about the evolution of the athletics program. A terrific time was had by all!

Left to right:  Brett Haber '91, Robert Haber '59, Fred Claar '59, Joyce Claar, Peter Broido '59, Eileen Broido, and Miles Hisinger '59. (Photo:  Kristin Lax)

Gary Paton '59 wore his 50th Reunion t-shirt... which coincidentally matched his name tag! (Photo:  Kristin Lax)











Left to right:  Debra Gold, Avram Gold '59, Kathie Ramos, Chuck Ramos '59, Thuy Nach, and James Nach '59. (Photo:  Kristin Lax)

Left to right:  Alan Maiss '59, Nancy Maiss, Gary Paton '59, Betty Paton, Emily Kotler, Stanley Kotler '59, Jim Dritz '59, and Rollyn Dritz. (Photo:  Kristin Lax)