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Alumni Publications

We are thrilled to share the following news about recent books, articles, and other publications written by Horace Mann School alumni.

Neil E. Baldwin '65 has published a comprehensive biography of Martha Graham entitled, Martha Graham:  A Life When Dance Became Modern (Alfred A . Knopf, 2022). He is the critically-acclaimed author of biographies of William Carlos Williams, Man Ray, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford; as well as Legends of the Plumed Serpent: Biography of a Mexican God, and The American Revelation. He served as manager of The Annual Fund at The New York Public Library; and was founding executive director of The National Book Foundation, sponsor of the National Book Awards. (Source: The book can be purchased on Amazon or

Michael Mason '68 has published his first novel, On the Outside Chance. It's the first in a trilogy, with books two and three planned for 2023 and 2024, respectively. As his publisher’s website explains, Dr. Mason was born with cerebral palsy during a time in which awareness for the needs of the differently abled was virtually non-existent. Despite the hardships he faced, [he] molded himself into an extraordinary student, obtaining two masters degrees from Columbia University and a PhD from New York University. Dr. Mason went on to become a successful psychologist, devoting his career to improving the lives of both the disabled and the able-bodied alike.” (Source: A link to the book on Amazon is HERE. It is also available on the Barnes and Noble website:

Danielle Boris ‘12, founder and CEO of Sandbox – a SaaS platform that acts as a personalized guide to consistently high-performing teams – has published The Energy of Weirdos. As her website describes, after years of research with top leaders, team members, managers, CEOs, Chief People Officers, and everyone in between, the problem became painfully obvious to Danielle:  humans need to be put at the center of organizations. When this happens, diversity, hiring, advancement, wellbeing, engagement, and retention all fall into place. Through interviews with exceptional leaders, psychology and organizational behavior research, and stories about out-of-the-box thinkers and companies, The Energy of Weirdos details how leaders can unlock the hidden talent on their teams and tap into the enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation that already exist in their organization. Examples of leaders who have created exciting, productive workplaces include:

  • Barbara Corcoran, who shares how to hire and foster talent to create passionate, energetic, and thriving organizations.
  • Multiple Tony Award winner Sue Gilad, who shares the secret to why people in theater always seem to love their work and what corporations can do to create the same outside of the art and theater worlds. 
  • Founder of EXTRAordinary! Inc. and author Rich Schlentz, who shares the importance of people-first leadership and transforming culture. 

The book can be pre-ordered at