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Horace Mann School has a rich tradition of alumni involvement in the life of the School and an active relationship with current alumni. The objective of the Horace Mann Alumni Association is “to provide the members with an organization through which they maintain constructive relations with Horace Mann and with one another, and to promote their common interests and the welfare of the School.” The Alumni and Development Office and Alumni Association work to cultivate interest in and support for the School and to encourage lifelong bonds with the institution by offering social opportunities with fellow alumni, administrators, faculty, and students.

Horace Mann School’s success has been, in no small part, due to the engagement of large number of alumni who reconnect with former classmates, establish connections with other alumni, and carry on Horace Mann School traditions. There are many formal and informal ways in which graduates may participate in the life of the School, including membership on the independent Alumni Council, participation in the Summer Internship program, and opportunities to serve as a Class Agent or Class Correspondent. Alumni are welcomed back to the School for class reunions and gatherings, homecoming, student activities, performances, sporting events and assemblies. Other roles alumni fill are as parents of students currently enrolled in the School and as members of the faculty and staff.