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A Letter from the Office for Identity, Culture and Institutional Equity (ICIE)

Dear Families and Guardians,

We are pleased to know that you have been invited to join the Horace Mann School family! In a period like no other, belonging and equity are two of the most important aspects of the educational experience. In a time when so much uncertainty has impacted so many in our world, we need moments to come together on one accord to create a better tomorrow.  At Horace Mann, The Office for Identity, Culture and Institutional Equity is one aspect of the school community that supports and affirms students and families in all grades, nursery through grade 12. We strive to build a community in which every member feels a sense of belonging. We believe that a caring, empathetic and curious community rises from opportunities to share our stories and have courageous conversations related to identity, culture, and institutional equity.

Our Office is a partner with and throughout the School. We hold events such as the fall and spring family gatherings, provide learning opportunities uniquely built for families and faculty through our SEED program and Parent Institute, facilitate dialogue and curricular review around the complexity of identity, and work with teachers and administrators to support representative pedagogy in the curriculum. In the upper grades we work directly with students and faculty on student programming such as the Seminar on Identity in the 6th and 11th grades, student affinity spaces, and opportunities such as the NAIS Student Diversity Leadership Conference, to name a few. In the lower grades, in partnership with the HM Students Together Empowering People of Color Successfully (STEPS) program, we are actively building affinity and support spaces for students in our lower grades that identify as people of color. This year, we continue to integrate the Pollyanna Racial Literacy curriculum across grades N-8 to support the acquisition of language to understand race, racism, and positive identity expression.  We also work closely with the seven PA Alliance Groups to make sure that both students and their families have access to spaces to center, celebrate, and connect across aspects of their culture. 

Every member of the Horace Mann School community has a vital role to play in helping the school to live by its core values. Belonging work is everyone’s work and getting to know one another is an important part of building relationships.

We embrace diversity at Horace Mann School and hope that your virtual “visits” to our campus have demonstrated and will continue to demonstrate the richness of learning that can take place in a diverse community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your positive response and enrollment at Horace Mann School and the chance to get to know you.


Christine Moloney, M.A., Ed.M.
Director, ICIE 

Bri’ana Odom, MS.Ed
Associate Director, ICIE



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