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Lembo Sperling Summer Travel Grant

The Lembo Sperling Summer Travel Grant program was established in 1999 by a generous donation from a past HM parent to recognize a special teacher-family relationship that had an impact on the lives of the students and family. The teacher and family believe that summer travel experiences that open students to new ways of seeing the world can be a crucial element in their education. This grant will provide that travel opportunity to a student or students who otherwise might not have access to such experiences.

Current sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply for a LS Grant. The Grant is not limited to students who currently receive financial aid for tuition expenses. The application process will include an essay, and preference will be given to travel experiences that are not school-related. Applications must be affiliated with travel organizations or educational programs; individual-sponsored trips will not be considered. Any student recipients of the LS Grant will be expected to share their experience with the school community in some way during the following school year.

The application form for Summer 2024 is available at the link below.  The deadline for submission of Summer 2024 applications is Friday, February 9, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted. Decisions will be made by late February, and all applicants will be notified at that time.

Lembo Sperling Summer Travel Grant Application 2024

The LS Grant is a wonderful way for Horace Mann students to enrich the learning environment that begins at school, and even more wonderful because it is provided to the community by members of the community. If you have any questions about the Grant or the application process, please stop by the Admissions Office.

Past Lembo Sperling Travel Grant Recipients
(Links are provided for specific programs that are still operating.)

Student Name Summer Program
Joseph Lee '01 2000 France
Jose Leonor '02 2001 Experiment in International Living, Italy
Arthur Hong '03 2002 Putney Student Travel Program, Tanzania
Jonah Bernstein '04 2002 Cultural Homestay International Program, France
Asdren Matoshi '04 2003 Putney Student Travel Program, Montana
Catherine Vargas '05 2003 Longacre Expeditions, British Colombia
Anya Ciccone '05 2004 Excel Pre-College Enrichment Oxford/Tuscany
Morgan Richardson '05 2004 Chautaqua Institute School of Dance, New YorkExperiment in International Living, Brazil
Max Thompson '06 2004 Experiment in International Living, Brazil
Molly Lister '06 2005 i-to-I Program, Honduras
Genevieve Martin '06 2005 Spoleto Study Abroad Program, Italy
Meisha Baker '08 2006 AAVE Teen Adventures, South Africa/Namibia
Pierre Viola '08 2007 Intern Exchange International, London
Gresa Matoshi '09 2007 Putney Student Travel Program, France
Mary (Callie) Bauer '10 2008 Lifeworks Program, China
Antonia Antonova '11 2009 National Outdoor Leadership Program, Alaska
Sarah Santana '12 2010 Youth for Understanding, Japan
Yvonne Cha '12 2011 Putney Student Travel Program, Ghana
Justin Bleuel '13 2012 Rustic Pathways: Tribal Issues & Amazing Thailand Adventure
Shyenne Puello '14 2013 Japan Society Junior Fellows Program, Japan
Nicole Velez '15 2014 Rustic Pathways: Come with Nothing, Go Home Rich
Janis Park '17 2015 Projects Abroad - Arusha, Tanzania
Sadiba Hasan '17 2016 Global Leadership Adventures: Dominican Republic, Building A Sustainable World
Heath Bleustein '18 2017 ARCC Vietnam-Cambodia Project Clean Water
Hannah Long '19 2018 Global Education in Orosi Valley, Costa Rica, Cross Cultural Solutions
Jayla Thomas '20 2018 Sarapiqui: A Tropical Service Adventure
Nina Gaither '21 2019 INESLE Madrid – Institute of Spanish
Nia Huff '24 2022 INESLE Madrid - Institute of Spanish
Elise Kang '24 2022 LanguBridge Korea Summer Program for High School Students
Gillian Ho '25 2023 Global Leadership Adventures: Bali, Island Health Expedition
Menya Obia '25 2023 Putney Student Travel: Switzerland, CERN & The Future of Science

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Lembo Sperling Travel Grant was not awarded for the Summers of 2020 or 2021.

Note: Horace Mann School is not affiliated with any of the programs listed above, nor does the School endorse any particular programs. Scholarship applicants investigate and select programs on their own.