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Visit Us-Grades 1-5

In a typical year, we would encourage you to schedule an in-person visit so you could see our campus. This is not a typical year. As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the admissions process will be remote this year. While nothing compares to taking a physical tour of our campus and meeting our faculty and students in person, below you will find information on how to sign up for some of our virtual open houses and other special events. In addition to our open houses, applicants will have the opportunity to sign up for small zoom sessions with a group of our parent ambassadors. The parent ambassadors will give you a great sense of the excitement that is felt at HM every day.

Please enjoy exploring our website. Take a look at our virtual tour and campus map which will give you a sense of the physical layout of the school.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to come spend some time with us. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Directions to Campus

Lion Talks: Black and Latinx Friday Zoom Sessions

Thank you for considering Horace Mann as a potential school for your family! At the core of HM’s mission is the importance of fostering inclusion while also supporting students from all types of backgrounds. To this end, we have updated our admissions process in order to be more deliberate in how we serve Black and Latinx students in this process and to be more transparent about the Horace Mann experience for this group of students and families.

Horace Mann School has been collaborating with an organization called Black Students Demanding Change (BSDC). BSDC is a student-founded and student-led organization that focuses on improving the educational experience of students of color. Together, we have created a new feature of the admissions process which allows prospective families to hear directly from current students at HM who also identify as Black/African American or Latinx. This program will occur through a series of Zoom calls entitled “Lion Talks”, running weekly from September through the end of the year. Each call will be centered around a specific topic for either parents or students. Potential topics include:

●     The Black and Latinx Experience

●     Exploring cultural identity at a predominantly white institution

●     Extracurricular activities (arts, athletics, music, etc.)

●     Broadening the traditional Eurocentric curriculum

●     How current events are handled at HM

While the admissions team is always happy to talk with prospective families about this issue, we believe that hearing from students who have lived this experience would be invaluable.

Diversity is an important principle to Horace Mann. That said, we believe that it is equally important to support this principle with action. We hope that you take advantage of the opportunity to hear directly from some of our students who make Horace Mann such a special place. Please visit the Horace Mann Ravenna page in order to sign up for our Zoom calls. They will be available under events. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The HM Admissions Team and HM BSDC

Fall Family Gathering

In addition to our Fall Open Houses, we invite you to join us for our Fall Family Gathering in October, hosted by our Office for Identity, Culture, and Institutional Equity. It is a wonderful way to learn more about the rich tapestry that exists here at Horace Mann School in an informal setting where our current families, students, faculty and administrators celebrate the diversity within our community.

Typically, the Fall Family Gathering takes place at our Head of School's Patio and Lower Division Field. This year, the event will take place virtually via Zoom. 

Normally, because this is very low-key and casual event where we invite both new and current families, we haven't required an RSVP. This year, because we are hosting this event via Zoom, we will need families to RSVP. Families should log on to Ravenna in order to sign up. We plan to host discussions with a cross section of parent and student affinity groups at HM.

Saturday, October 17th, 2020: 1:00 P.M.

LGBTQ Parents Admissions Reception

In keeping with our long standing commitment to diversity and our desire to provide a welcoming environment for all, we are pleased to invite families to our 7th Annual LGBTQ Parents Admissions Reception on Saturday, October 17th at 11:00 A.M. Normally, the reception would take place at our Head of School's residence. This year, as a result of the Pandemic, we will host the event remotely via Zoom. You can RSVP via the Ravenna Hub Portal at the link above. Please take this opportunity to hear from administrators and students about HM's programs and culture. We hope that your family will join us for our Fall Family Gathering later in the afternoon.

Tours of the Nursery and Lower Divisions

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to conduct tours of our Nursery and Lower Divisions. That said, we will be hosting weekly mini-panels with our Parent Ambassadors and admissions personnel. These mini-panels will be available for applicants to the school and can be scheduled via Ravenna. 

Spring Tours

Normally, each spring, we host tours led by our current students during school hours from early April through mid-May.  As a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have converted our Spring Tours into virtual conversations with a small groups of student ambassadors – much like we did for applicants for the fall admissions season. Health concerns dictate that we limit our students’ exposure and also the exposure to any visitors on our campus. While there is nothing like seeing the HM campus in person, we are fortunate enough to have a comprehensive virtual tour that will give you a sense of what the campus looks like.

Our virtual panels for those interested in the admission to Horace Mann School for Fall 2022 are now available. In order to sign up for an ambassador panel, you must create an account on Ravenna Hub and start a late application for Fall 2021. This will give you access to the system and us the ability to manage your visit. Remember, you are creating an account and starting the application, not submitting it. There is no cost to participate in a panel. If you are interested in submitting a late application, please do. 

Families interested in our middle and/or our upper divisions may self-schedule on Ravenna. Families interested in talking to our students who will apply to Nursery-5th grade must call in to schedule a session. Please call 718-432-4100. 

If you have questions about the admissions process or the school please feel free to email us at If you would like someone to give you a call, please include your phone number and a member of the admissions office will gladly call you back.