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Two Week Courses -- 6/20-6/30

Half Day -- 9:00am-11:30am
Better Than Google Translate: an Exploration of Two Languages

In this two-week, half-day summer course we will explore creative and personal forms of translation. We will review different approaches to the art of translating a text: Spanish—English / English—Spanish. What does it mean to translate a written text? How do we use our knowledge of another language to create connections between two ways of reading and circulating content? What is self-translation?

Our meetings will follow a structure, with the first part of the class dedicated to a debate on translation, and the second part on the workshop model with the material to be translated. Students will choose from a selection that includes topics such as: social conflicts, economics, music, sports, medicine, television series and movies, video games, poetry, short stories, and novel beginnings. They will also be able to propose texts on other topics which they are particularly interested in translating.

We will read short excerpts from classic essays on translation—Walter Benjamin (“The Task of the Translator”); Vladimir Nabokov ("The Art of Translation"); and Jorge Luis Borges (“Problemas de la traducción”)—, in conversation with contemporary styles, such as those of Kate Briggs (This Little Art), Jhumpa Lahiri (“Where I Find Myself”), and Lydia Davis (“Learning a Foreign Language: Spanish”). With the results of the course we will prepare a dossier for publication in The Linguist magazine, for its 2023 edition.

This course is offered to rising 11th and 12th graders or any students who have finished Spanish 3H, Spanish 4, or Studies in Spanish.

This course is no longer open.

Cost $800

Osdany Morales, instructor

Full Day -- 9:00am-3pm
The S.T.Art Class: Students Remaking the World, by Design (Science, Technology, Art)

The START class is a summer studio art course open to students with a strong interest and passion for artistic expression and scientific exploration. The course seeks to nurture a studio environment where themes, concepts, and ideas mutually shared by art and science can blend together in unique expressions of imaginative form.  From nature studies to architectural models, summer START students will be challenged and encouraged to find creative bridges between the ways artists, scientists, designers and engineers see and interpret the world around us, making works of beauty and functionality in selected mediums, styles and creative fields, from pencil and paint to cardboard sculpture; from illustration to industrial and landscape design.  

What kind of wonderful visual works can the perceptions of art and the discoveries of science show us if they come together in unique ways?  The START class will provide inquisitive and focused young students the time, space and resources to find out!  

This course is offered to rising 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

This course is no longer open.

Cost $1600

Ron Logan, instructor