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UD Summer Program

Horace Mann's Summer Program is open only to Horace Mann students. 

The central goal of the new UD Summer Program is academic and artistic exploration: Upper Division students will have an opportunity to enrich their understanding of and experience in the subjects they find interesting, without tying that exploration to a grade or outcome. The courses offered are a selection of experimental, experiential, and cross-disciplinary explorations, and feature, above all, the pleasure of intellectual play. While some courses will address building skills, many will center around the principle of learning for learning’s sake. Our Summer Program will tap into the deep intellectual and artistic resources of our faculty, allowing students to learn from talented teachers in an atmosphere of joyful discovery.

The program’s focus will not be on the school transcript, nor on advancement within our school-year curriculum. Our program will not offer any full-credit, credit-bearing courses. We will, however, offer several for-credit courses that can be difficult for some students to fit into their schedules, depending on what languages they study and what PE classes they take. These include: CPR, Health, Lifeguarding, one Art Appreciation course per summer, and one Computer Science or Engineering course per summer.

Credit-bearing Courses

Non-Credit-bearing Courses

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