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Summer School Credit & Reports

Summer School Credit


Horace Mann students will only receive credit for courses that fulfill department requirements. Horace Mann students should have a thorough conversation with their grade dean to determine whether Summer School is the right step on their academic path.

Students who attend other schools should discuss issues of credit with the head of school, advisor, and/or deans of their own school prior to registering. We will forward to the schools any information necessary for them to make these decisions, including course descriptions, textbook information, and/or syllabi.

Summer School Reports

Summer School courses are divided into two semesters. Students receive a grade for each semester that will appear on their transcripts. At the midway point of each semester, students and parents receive a snapshot grade that shows where a student is at that point in the semester. In the case of Three Week Courses, parents are updated immediately if a student is struggling and no mid-semester grade is sent. These snapshot grades are only a way to give students and parents an idea of a student's progress in the course.

It is the goal of Horace Mann Summer School to maintain a high level of communication with parents throughout the course, thereby increasing the benefit of attending Summer School and the opportunity for each student to realize success in the fast-paced summer session. Parents, likewise, are encouraged to contact the Summer School office or their child's teacher to keep pace with their progress or with any questions and concerns about their child's academic or social life. All communication about each course is done from teacher to student, so we encourage parents to become familiar with the syllabus provided to each student by the course instructor. If a parent or student needs more contact information for each teacher, please contact the Summer School office at 718-432-4170.