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Curriculum Development Grants

Curriculum Development Grant applications must demonstrate in what ways the work will reach beyond the regular revisions and updates that all teachers should make regularly to their course work. When applying, include a description of the project, the specific activities necessary to develop the new element of the curriculum, its impact on the existing curriculum, and, if applicable, the new outcomes that the project can be expected to produce. Applications should also indicate the way in which a lens of equity will be considered. 

Please note that faculty members should not be applying for grants year after year. Additionally, if your grant is approved and you do not complete the work, you will not be considered for a grant the following year. 

Possible grants and potential compensation: 

  • Developing a new course - Up to $2,000
    • If an Upper Division teacher is planning to propose a new course, they may apply for a $500 grant to develop the proposal during the summer before they submit the proposal and apply for a $2,000 grant once the course has been approved to develop the class more fully.
  • Being assigned a course you’ve never taught - Up to $1,500
  • Selecting and incorporating a new textbook or substantial print media that requires considerable revisions to the curriculum. This will only be considered for foundational texts - Up to $200 
  • Preparation and implementation of new curricular programs or making additions/enhancements to the overall curriculum  - Up to $2,000
    • For example, when F&P and Singapore Math were incorporated in the ND and LD several teachers were awarded grants to work through how the programs would be executed and in what ways they would need to be supplemented to best meet the needs of our students. 
  • Divisional and Cross Divisional Programs that support and supplement the daily experiences. Cross Divisional work requires the signatures of two Division Heads - Up to $2,000

Applications for Curriculum Development Grants must be acknowledged by a team leader or department chair and a division head. Such acknowledgment does not signify approval, only that the application is complete and was received on time. Curriculum Development Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Grants Committee (the Division Heads, Head of School, and Curriculum and Professional Development Grants Coordinator). Recipients of Curriculum Development Grants must present a report of their work to their division head by the Friday before December Break to initiate the payment process. Recipients are expected to share their work with colleagues and implement their innovations in the classroom. Curriculum Development Grants are treated by the Business Office as taxable income.

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