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Curriculum Development Grants

Horace Mann School encourages teachers to develop new curriculum projects during the summer months, generally starting July 1. Curriculum Development Grant applications must include a description of the project, the specific activities necessary to develop the new element of the curriculum, its impact on the existing curriculum, and, if applicable, the new outcomes that the project can be expected to produce.

Curriculum Development Grants are awarded to individuals or faculty teams to support innovation and collaboration on new projects.

Applications for Curriculum Development Grants must be acknowledged by a team leader or department chair and a division head. Such acknowledgement does not signify approval, only that the application is complete and was received on time. Curriculum Development Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Grants Committee (the Division Heads, Head of School, and Curriculum and Professional Development Grants Coordinator). Recipients of Curriculum Development Grants must present a report of their work by Friday prior to December Break to their division head in order to initiate the payment process. Recipients are expected to share their work with colleagues and implement their innovations in the classroom. Curriculum Development Grants are treated by the Business Office as taxable income.

Curriculum Grants will not exceed $2,000 for any grant and approval and allocation of funds is at the discretion of committee members. Recipients must present a report of their work to their Division Head by the Friday prior to December Break.

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