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Faculty Grants

Questions or comments about any of the programs below can be directed to Adrienne Tanzman, Professional Development Grants Coordinator, at (212) 369-4600 or


Curriculum Development Grants
As educators, we should always examine and evaluate the work that we do. Our curriculum should be ever-evolving through meaningful conversations with colleagues, ongoing research, reading of new texts, and self-reflection. Curriculum Development grants are awarded when the work required goes above and beyond these professional responsibilities.  All proposals are to include a description of the project’s objectives and anticipated impact on the curriculum, the names of those people who will be working on the project, and an indication of the final product. Curriculum Development Grants support innovation and should include an equity component. Some grants may span across departments, teams, and even divisions. In these situations, it is expected that the grant will be discussed with all of those who will be involved or affected before submitting an application. Recipients will be required to share their projects with colleagues.

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Study Grants
Horace Mann School supports faculty and staff members in the continuation of their formal education and encourages all teachers to pursue advanced degrees. All employees under contract for the upcoming school year are eligible to receive Study Grants, with the exception of Teaching Assistants at the Lower and Nursery Divisions. Grants are intended to support coursework toward a degree or certificate and may not be used to maintain residency in a graduate program. In addition, grants are not intended for a course of study unrelated to an employee's primary assignment at Horace Mann School. Also, online credits are not acceptable. Proposals for Study Grants are to include a listing of all courses to be taken, the name of the educational institution, tuition for each course, and total cost. The maximum amount awarded for a study grant is $4,500.

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Conference Attendance Grants
Horace Mann School encourages teachers to initiate short-term or even one-day projects and learning experiences. These grants also include experiences such as in-person classes and conferences that are not part of an advanced degree.

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