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Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research & Enrollment Management at Horace Mann School supports the School's ongoing strategic planning, program evaluation and assessment.

At the direction of the Head of School the Office:

  • collects and shares data and information from internal and external sources for strategic planning and program evaluation.
  • provides statistical information and data for review within divisions, departments, programs or offices.
  • provides data and projections needed for annual planning, including but not limited to enrollment, financial aid, and student, family, and employee demographics.
  • responds to reporting obligations required by NAIS, NYSAIS, the Guild of Independent Schools, NYSED, and other local and regional associations.

Data Tables & Summary Statistics

Additional archival data is available here.

Note: SOC is the abbreviation for Students of Color; FA is the abbreviation for Financial Aid.

Inquiries should be directed to Lisa Moreira, Director of Institutional Research & Enrollment Management, at (718)432-4115.