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Horace Mann School cultivates in its students a broad general understanding of the foundational disciplines of humane learning and fosters a capacity for effective critical inquiry and authentic self-expression. Our core curriculum consists of comprehensive, traditional course sequences in Mathematics, Science, English and Language Arts, History and Social Studies, and World Languages, complemented by courses in the Arts, Computer Science & Robotics, Guidance, and Physical Education, and by an outdoor experience-based leadership curriculum.

Scope and sequence of our core curriculum are structured and implemented by subject matter and grade level, and administered by division. In each of our divisions course content and pedagogy respond to the ever-changing requirements of life beyond the classroom walls. In keeping with our mission, we offer a carefully calibrated sequence of classes and programs and we strive to maintain operational and curricular coherence across divisions, departments, and grade levels.

The curriculum is augmented by a wide range of related co-curricular initiatives and programs for students who wish to pursue their interests and develop their talents by joining clubs, performing in music and theater productions, and playing on sports teams.